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Financial Aid and Pricing

Today’s students are discerning consumers, and financial aid plays an important role in both college choice and student perception of value. We can help you craft a pricing strategy that supports your students and your enrollment goals.

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In the age of price-sensitive online shoppers, college websites are the first resource for most applicants seeking financial aid information. Nevertheless, many financial aid webpages bury cost of attendance and scholarship opportunities deep in a series of clicks and financial aid jargon. Confused or frustrated, students may take their college search elsewhere as a result. Reclaim these lost students by tailoring web content to the way today’s college searchers are looking for affordability answers.

Financial aid is a confusing terrain for students and parents alike. Complex jargon, hidden fees, and misconceptions about loan repayment are barriers to enrollment, and many students are deterred based on sticker price alone. Delivering financial aid touchpoints that immediately break down net price, use clear language, and provide guidance at points of uncertainty will increase the likelihood that financial aid is a bridge to further engagement with students in the enrollment process.


About the Webconference Tuition resets have been a hot topic of conversation lately on many campuses, with many institutions planning to adopt this strategy for the 2018-2019 academic year. This webconference will present EAB’s research on the results of 27 schools who have already undertaken a reset, and explain why tuition resets are so hard […]

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