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Institutions are increasingly relying on transfer students to augment enrollment and increase tuition revenue. EAB can help you more effectively recruit these students and ensure their success.

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Empowering enrollment teams with research and expert guidance on future enrollment strategies, student retention and success, diversity, financial aid, transfer students and more.
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Bolster transfer enrollment outcomes by targeting a best-fit transfer population and cultivating a seamless application process across channels.
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Learn how Wichita State achieved a 2.5x lift in transfer student applications with EAB Transfer Portal

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There may not be an Easy Button for transfer student enrollment, but buy-in from the campus community, stakeholders, and especially the president, can make transfer-related initiatives easier. Here are four E-A-S-Y recommendations for boosting buy-in for transfer enrollment on campus.



In an environment of increasing competition for first-time full-time students, institutions are turning to community college transfer students in order to diversity undergraduate enrollments and stabilize tuition revenues. Unfortunately, conventional transfer recruitment, application, and admission processes fail to address community college students’ leading concerns as they consider the four-year option. As a result, four-year colleges […]

About the Webconference As institutions struggle to fill their first-time classes, many enrollment managers are focusing on transfer enrollments to bridge the gap—and for good reason. The transfer market is large and poised for growth; already, 54% of all bachelor’s degree-earners transfer at least once. However, engaging these students is often more challenging than expected: […]

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