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EAB helps you improve academic efficiency and operations

College leaders are facing pressure to provide a greater return on education despite limited resources, intensifying competition, and changing attitudes about academia. EAB can help you improve academic efficiency, make smart resource trade-offs, and work through critical challenges to more effectively lead institutional transformation.

EAB specializes in operations and strategy

Efficiency and Analytics

  • 100+ institutional partners of our national benchmarking collaborative
  • 3,500+individual users of our analytics platform

Business Affairs

  • Serving 219 CBOs across 49 states, 8 Canadian Provinces, and 1 UK Province
  • 180+ research calls with 160+ business affairs leaders across the last year

Facilities Management

  • 150+ senior facilities officers and their teams served
  • 99% of Facilities Forum partners agree our research improves the quality of their strategic decisions

Information Technology

  • Serving 200+ partner institutions in the USA, Canada, and the UK
  • Four experts totaling 30+ years of experience in higher education information technology

Office of University Research

  • 100+ tools, white papers, and audits for CROs and their teams available in our research library
  • 50+ on-campus workshops conducted with campus research leaders in the last year

Strategy and Planning

  • 50+ university presidents served
  • Tailored support, strategic research, and opportunities for off the record discussion for college and university presidents
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"When EAB says they’re going to do the heavy lift, you can believe them."

Dr. Juliann Mazachek, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Washburn University

Research & Insights


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An annual departmental review gives academic leaders more visibility into how their decisions impact institutional strategy and also allows for more flexibility in strategic planning. Learn more, plus see which metrics you should track.

Facilities leaders face increased pressure to differentiate between trending fads and projects that will provide long-term ROI. This infographic breaks down the seven key trends that will have the biggest impact on campuses in the next decade.

Finance and administration leaders are tracking more data than ever before, but many struggle to use it to inflect performance. In turn, some leaders are turning to management dashboards to better organize metrics. Dashboards are a proven tool that other industries, such as retail and finance, have long used to manage, track, and analyze data to inform decision-making.


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