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Efficiency and Analytics

Academic leaders need university-wide data to make smart resource trade-offs and improve academic efficiency. We can help you manage instructional costs, course capacity, and faculty workload, all while building a culture of data-informed decision-making.

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Academic Performance Solutions

Best-in-class performance insights and benchmarking platform designed for academic leaders and built on the nation’s largest learning collaborative.
  • $446k saved by reallocating 2.5 new faculty lines to departments with
    demonstrated need
  • +11.5% increase in course completion rates across two targeted gateway courses
Learn how Samford leaders jumpstarted initiatives to target course completion rates and strengthen faculty line decisions with Academic Performance Solutions

Business Affairs Forum

Helping Chief Business Officers and VPs Finance and Administration manage institutional finance, operations, and future strategy through peer-tested strategies and insights.
  • 10+ years working with higher education chief business officers
  • Serving 300+ finance and administration executives
“Without the conversation and [EAB] expertise, we wouldn’t have gotten what we needed to prepare so well for our upcoming budgeting season.” – Chief Operations Officer, Private Research University

Research & Insights


Higher education business leaders can use gainsharing agreements to incentivize more prudent spend and grow central strategic reserves. Under these agreements, units split any budget surpluses with central administration. This mitigates perverse incentives for units to either amass unnecessarily large reserves or squander every remaining budget dollar at year-end.

Finance and administration leaders are tracking more data than ever before, but many struggle to use it to inflect performance. In turn, some leaders are turning to management dashboards to better organize metrics. Dashboards are a proven tool that other industries, such as retail and finance, have long used to manage, track, and analyze data to inform decision-making.

Access to data alone will not immediately transform a campus to become more data-informed. This culture shift is often fraught with fear because changes in processes, platforms, and people are never easy. The diagnostic helps leaders assess their institution’s readiness to tackle these challenges and determine next steps/actions to strengthen their institution.


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