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Students enrolled in developmental courses are more likely to both pay more for their education and leave school. We provide strategies to deliver developmental courses that support –rather than impede–students’ progress towards a degree.

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It’s no secret that college costs a lot. One good way to help minimize the expense is to do everything in our power to shorten the total time it takes for students to get a degree. We might not have much latitude to reduce the price of a year’s tuition, but we can absolutely do more to control the total amount that an individual student pays by reducing unnecessary delays and roadblocks along the path to getting a degree.

With a recent surge of foundation grants for math redesign efforts, there’s never been a better time to invest in reengineering developmental math. The first step is to pinpoint the areas in need of redesign. We’ve identified ineffective classroom pedagogy, mismatched curriculum, and imprecise placement practice as the three primary reasons for student attrition. Download […]



About the Webconference One of the most significant challenges to effective workforce development is integrating employers’ workforce planning efforts with educators’ curriculum planning efforts. Our task force—a collaboration of the White House, Advisory Board, and Hope Street Group—identified eight key lessons learned from progressive employers, community colleges, and workforce development groups that have made progress […]

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