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While demographic and economic changes tighten budgets, schools are nevertheless being asked to raise student outcomes, improve health and wellness, and expand social and emotional support.

EAB specializes in student success

Student Support and Success

  • 8+ experts on staff with 12+ years of experience in K-12 curriculum and academics
  • Serving 250+ districts and independent schools across 29+ states

Student Mental Health and Wellness

  • Providing district and independent school leaders with research, diagnostics, toolkits and more to help them better support students
  • 73% of District Leadership Forum partners have ranked “responding to the adolescent mental health crisis” a major priority for this upcoming year
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"We have been with other research institutions, they all do a noble job –[EAB] does a fantastic job"

Dr. Michael Gill; Superintendent, Hanover County Public Schools


Early readers must develop certain parts of the brain and build connections between brain areas that were not connected before. Our infographic, created for the elementary classroom, presents a simplified depiction of how our brains learn to read.


K-12 school leaders are increasingly confronted with unprecedented levels of student stress on campus. In addition to the steady rise in the number of students struggling with clinical mental health issues, this stress manifests in maladaptive behaviors, academic misconduct, substance abuse, and poor physical health.

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