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Student Support and Success

To prepare students for long-term success, it is imperative that schools provide all students with evidence-based instruction. EAB can help schools elevate teaching excellence, remove barriers to college access, and close achievement gaps.

Our Products

Independent School Executive Forum

Equipping school leaders with the research, strategies, and tools to address their most pressing challenges including financial sustainability, student wellness, fundraising and alumni engagement, professional development and more.
  • 124 partner schools across the United States
  • ~90% of partners consider national meetings “Excellent.”
“Despite my busy schedule, I will always block off time to talk with EAB, because I know it will be thoughtful, interesting, and I’ll learn a lot too.” – Independent School Executive Forum partner

District Leadership Forum

Providing superintendents and other leaders with the strategies and data they need to make more informed decisions, effectively implement ideas, and create a high-performing district.
  • Currently serving 120 (and counting) partner districts across the US
  • 3.95/4.00 cumulative national meeting GPA since 2017
“It would take a full-time researcher a whole year to pull together the data that EAB can synthesize in 10 days.” – Superintendent

Research & Insights

Students becoming proficient readers by third grade is one of the most important milestones in K-12 education as it marks the critical transition between learning to read and reading to learn. After this point, the ability to read becomes essential to successful learning in all other subjects. Address the reading skill gap with these strategies and systems.

Based on interviews with more than 100 K–12 leaders representing school districts and organizations nationwide, this study explores 14 practices in depth to improve college access for low-income and minority students.

Strong summer programming can narrow the achievement gap in reading. This toolkit is designed to help districts attract and enroll students in summer programming who are struggling to read and maximize the benefits of the programming through strong attendance rates all summer long.


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